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IOS Android System Printing Machine

“I loved this printer, very comfortable, versatile, and useful. Now I can print my jobs and documents instantly no matter where I am.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - Georgina Ramos
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In today's digital world, many individuals use a combination of iOS and Android devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones or tablets. When it comes to printing documents, photos, or other content, users often need help with compatibility issues with traditional printers that only support one platform. They may need to switch between multiple printers or use cumbersome workarounds to print from different devices.

The iOS Android System Printing Machine Portable is a compact and versatile printing device that seamlessly supports both iOS and Android devices. It offers a unified solution for users to print from their smartphones or tablets, regardless of their operating system.


CONVENIENCE AND EFFICIENCY: The iOS Android System Printing Machine offers the convenience of printing from both iOS and Android devices with just one printer. Users no longer need to switch between different printers or deal with compatibility issues.
SAVES TIME AND EFFORT: A single printing solution for all devices saves time and effort in finding the right printer or setting up separate configurations for each platform.
ENHANCED MOBILITY: The printer's portability allows users to print on the go, making it suitable for travel, work trips, events, or even outdoor activities where printing might be needed.
SEAMLESS INTEGRATION: The dedicated mobile app provides a seamless experience for users, streamlining the printing process and offering intuitive options for content selection and editing.
VERSATILE PRINTING OPTIONS: Users can print a variety of content, including documents, photos, tickets, creative designs, and more, offering a versatile solution for different printing needs.


Step 1: Charge the Printing Machine
Step 2: Download the Mobile App
Step 3: Pair the CubePrint with Your Device
Step 4: Adjust Printing Settings
Step 5: Select the Content to Print
Step 6: Initiate Printing
Step 7: Collect the Print
Step 8: Turn Off the Printing Machine

We understand how frustrating it can be to have to invest long hours of time printing your document designs in a traditional way, in addition to having to invest in various machines to obtain your finished products.

The iOS Android System Printing Machine portable addresses the problem of cross-platform printing compatibility, offering a unified and efficient solution for users who switch between iOS and Android devices. It empowers users with the freedom to print from their preferred devices without limitations, making their printing experience more seamless, convenient, and enjoyable.


Interface: Bluetooth Bluetooth
Printing medium: thermal paper
Dimensions: 265*80*45mm
Power supply: built-in power supply
Model: A4 standard (with 1 roll of printing paper), long-term roll paper (2 rolls), long-term folding paper 1 box of 100
Battery: 5200mAh


1 x Power supply
1 x Manual
1 x Printer
1 x Printing paper*1

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