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Wireless espresso machine

"Spectacular, super practical, modern, easy to use, and wonderful. I can take it wherever I want."
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - Pedro Carrello
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Traditional espresso machines are often bulky and require a direct connection to a power outlet and water source. This setup limits their mobility and restricts their usage to specific locations in the kitchen or any place near the power source and water supply. For those living in small spaces or on the go, finding a suitable spot for the espresso machine can be challenging.

The Wireless Espresso Machine is an innovative device that operates without needing a constant power and water connection. It offers the flexibility of being used anywhere in the house, office, or even outdoors, providing users with the freedom to enjoy their favorite espresso without being confined to a fixed location.


MOBILITY AND CONVENIENCE: The Wireless Espresso Machine offers the flexibility to brew espresso anywhere, whether in the kitchen, living room, office or even during outdoor activities like camping or picnics.
SPACE-SAVING SOLUTION: The machine's compact design makes it a perfect solution for small living spaces or those looking to optimize their kitchen countertop real estate.
ON-THE-GO ESPRESSO: For busy individuals or frequent travelers, the wireless espresso machine provides the luxury of enjoying freshly brewed espresso without the hassle of searching for coffee shops or compromising on taste.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The machine's rechargeable battery and integrated water tank reduce the need for disposable coffee pods or single-use capsules, making it an eco-friendly choice for espresso lovers.
PERSONALIZED BREWING EXPERIENCE: The mobile app connectivity allows users to customize their espresso preferences, ensuring each cup is brewed to their desired strength and taste.


Step 1: Click the switch: check the power.
Step 2: Press and hold for 2 seconds: brew coffee directly.
Step 3: Double-click the switch: heat and brew coffee.

We understand Not having a Wireless Espresso Machine, especially for individuals who are coffee enthusiasts or rely on a daily caffeine fix to kickstart their day. The frustration builds as you realize that you cannot enjoy your favorite espresso anywhere else in your home or on the go.

The Wireless Espresso Machine offers a modern and convenient solution to enjoy espresso without the limitations of traditional machines. Its mobility, ease of use, and high-quality brewing capabilities make it an ideal choice for espresso enthusiasts who seek a wireless and versatile brewing experience.


Wired power supply: 12V/2-10A
Heating power: 120W(Max)
Built-in lithium battery capacity: 7500mA
Pump pressure: 20Bar
Water Tank Capacity: maximum 60ml
Coffee cup :1 cup ( Out coffee max 35mI)
2 IN1 Capsule and Powder: Nespresso capsule (standard size) /8g coffee Powder

Note: USB charging cable can be connected to:
Power Bank
Desktop computer
Tablet computer
Household socket (needs to be used together with charging plug, such as mobile phone charging plug)


1 x Portable Coffee Machine
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

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