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USB Milk Water Warmer Stroller

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Heating your baby's milk manually, whether through boiling water or using a microwave, can result in uneven temperatures. The fear of overheating or scalding the milk becomes a source of constant worry. Late-night feedings are a routine part of early parenthood. Waking up in the middle of the night to heat milk can be both exhausting and time-consuming, disrupting precious moments of rest.

The USB Milk Water Warmer Stroller is designed to provide precise and consistent temperature control. Say goodbye to concerns about unevenly heated milk. With this innovative device, you can ensure that every drop of your baby's milk is warmed to the ideal temperature, preserving its essential nutrients. The Heating Baby Milk Warmer offers efficiency and convenience during night feedings. It warms your baby's milk quickly and quietly, allowing you to get back to sleep sooner and preserving the tranquillity of nighttime bonding moments.


PRECISION TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The USB Milk Water Warmer Stroller ensures that your baby's milk is heated to the perfect temperature every time, eliminating concerns about overheating or serving milk that's too cold.
TIME-SAVING CONVENIENCE: Nighttime feedings become quicker and more efficient, allowing you to maximize precious hours of sleep and minimize disruptions to your restful moments.
EFFORTLESS THAWING: For breastfeeding mothers who store frozen breast milk, this device simplifies the process of thawing and warming without compromising the quality and nutrient content of the milk.
REDUCED STRESS: Eliminate the stress of manual milk warming and guessing the right temperature. This device provides peace of mind, making feeding times more relaxed and enjoyable for both you and your baby.
NUTRIENT PRESERVATION: The USB Milk Water Warmer Stroller is designed to gently warm milk, preserving the essential nutrients in breast milk or formula, contributing to your baby's optimal growth and development.


Step 1: Turn on the Warmer.
Step 2: Select the Desired Temperature.
Step 3: Place the Baby Bottle or Container
Step 4: Start the Warming Process
Step 5: Monitor the Warming Process
Step 6: Test the Temperature
Step 7: Turn Off the Warmer

We understand how frustrating can be to warm your baby's milk manually, whether by running hot water over a bottle or using a microwave, which can result in uneven temperatures. You're left guessing whether it's too hot or too cold, all while your baby's cries grow louder.

The Heating Baby Milk Warmer is more than just a kitchen appliance; it's a transformative solution to the everyday challenges of baby feeding. It brings precision, consistency, and convenience to your baby's feeding routine, ensuring that your little one enjoys every meal at the perfect temperature while giving you more time to cherish those priceless moments together. Say farewell to feeding frustrations and hello to a newfound ease in providing the best for your baby.


Size: 30*13.5cm/11.81*5.31inch
Inner diameter of insulation sleeve: 55-75mm/2.17*2.95inch
Materials: cloth
Heating blade: voltage 5V
Temperature: 50 ° c-60 ° c


1 x Baby bottle insulation cover

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